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Welcome to the Operation Overlord. Prepare to be a part of the Normandy invasion fight the enemy at all cause  you will fight on the most significant battles of the D-Day from the sea landings to the capture of Caen.

The game will take place in all sector of the Normandy starting from the sea to the hills and the parachute.

The main features of the game are:

  • The possibility to play each mission from both sides.
  • The possibility to manage an inventory and refill magazines.
  • The possibility to edit the weapons during the missions with attachments.
  • The possibility to play as different unit type with different abilities, like medic, officer engineers and more.
  • The possibility to use many different historical weapons.
  • The possibility to use different real ww2 vehicles.
  • The realistic behavior of weapons.
  • The controller support.
  • The possibility to play each mission in infinite different ways and with different tactics.

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