A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Battle Of the Wild West is an online multiplayer FPS set in the Old West with low poly graphics.

The game supports 12 player multiplayer and bots are supported both on and offline

Game modes:

- Deathmatch - Team Deathmatch - Gunslinger (Every kill switches out your weapon in a set order. The first to get a kill with every weapon wins.)

Domination(Capture the Flag).


هي لعبة تصويب من منظور الشخص الأول متعددة اللاعبين عبر الإنترنت تجري أحداثها في الغرب القديم مع رسومات منخفضة التوليف.

تدعم اللعبة 12 لاعبًا متعدد اللاعبين ويتم دعم الروبوتات في وضع عدم الاتصال وغير متصل بالإنترنت

انماط اللعب:

- مباراة الموت- فريق الموت - حامل السلاح (كل عملية قتل تُطفئ سلاحك بترتيب محدد. يفوز أول من يقتل مع كل سلاح.)

الهيمنة (الاستيلاء على العلم).

Controls are standard for shooters:

- Movement (WSAD) - Leaning (Q and E) - Crouch (C) - Aim (right click) - Fire (left click) - Sprint (shift) - Switch weapons (numbers 1-4 or scroll wheel) - Quick use (G - throws dynamite, etc.) - Tab (Scoreboard)

Voice chat(Push to talk left alt, ) 

Chat(Global L, Team k).

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Low-poly, Massively multiplayer, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Unity, Western


BattleOfTheWildWest.zip 966 MB
MacBuild.app.zip 974 MB
LinuxBuild.zip 990 MB

Install instructions

download the zip file

extract the file.

run the .exe and enjoy

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Cool game, I liked it

can u play this on controller?

yes the game support controller input

Battle Of the Wild West discord server :


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Thanks for adding a new map! You really listen to your fanbase.

So, we have played the game and got many feedbacks for you.

We're not trying to upset you btw, we just want the game to be better.


-In a lot of houses, you can't go upstairs without crouching.

-In the green house, you can't go outside without glichting the game. There is an invisible object there.

-In the Jail's door, there is a bucket that you need to jump over. It's pretty distracting. Also, you can't go upstairs because the door is closed.

-You can't enter one of the blue houses.

-Inside the hotel, you have to enter a window to go outside.

-Some objects lack collision (especially the train).

-Some rocks and object fly.

-People can shoot through windows outside, but not from inside.


-You can make the guns colors distinct to make them feel different.

-You can add little secrets, easter eggs outside of the maps. We love exploring outside of the normal play area.

-All of the houses look the same, you can make them distinct. Also, all of the objects look the same as well.

-Please make the breathing noise a little quiter and please make the stamina a little more. We get tired really really quickly.

hi much appreciated for you're feedback and for helping improve this game:)

Oh my... An update has come. I'll now try this with my friend!

Please keep the updates coming! Add more maps, new weapons etc. My friend and I love this game. Thank you!

thanks, of course ill keep progressing in this game and more improvements, and glad that you and your friend like it


This game is 99% similar to this: https://gunfighters.itch.io/gunfighters almost as if you made an almost perfect recreation of an existing game


i think i know why, both use the same assets from the assets store and i lately seen this game: https://bytetek.itch.io/wild-west
all 3 games use the syntyx studio western pack witch in a way or another make them look identical i used many assets from the asset store
and did some work, probably that's why they are similar  both used the same assets.

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Gameplay Is similar too maybe except for wild west

the  same gameplay expect from every FPS shooter game right, and the weapon are wild west style

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I mean about gunfighters and your game as gunfighters plays slightly differently from any fps game due to high recoil and being a prototype and has one map that is not used by any game aside from 3 games