Input Fixed

Prince of Perisa remake update:

Many people has encounter issues with input keys and not behaving as intended,

for me and others everything was working fine but for others things where not working.

for i have reworked the input in the game it should work for everyone if not feel free to send feedback.

bugs/glitchs fixed:

when climbing down then jump elsewhere the prince will transported to the climb location and freeze.

when running to a direction and want to make a running turn the prince in some cases can pass through wall.

Game input reworked.

thanks for your support.


PrinceOfPersia.exe 32 MB
Jan 27, 2022
PrinceOfPersia32.exe 30 MB
Jan 27, 2022 60 MB
Jan 27, 2022 56 MB
Jan 27, 2022

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